February 23, 2022

Pediatric Rehabilitation

AKTIOS4kids New Department of AKTIOS Medical Rehabilitation Center (former FILOKTITIS), member of AKTIOS GROUP, is going to operate within the next months 

Our vision is to enhance kids and adolescents’ emotional, social, and cognitive growth during their rehabilitation program through developmental play interventions and procedural support.  

Our family-friendly campus was specially built and each one of our programs is designed so that children can learn and progress with others their own age. Our staff are experts in their specialties and in responding to the unique developmental needs of each child. Our campus uniquely features extensive outdoor space for leisure and play  for children and there are plenty of areas for sitting, strolling, or just enjoying being outside. 

The Pediatric Rehabilitation Program will serve children, from infants to young adults, on an outpatient basis initially and our plan is to develop soon, the inpatient rehabilitation.  

As the unique pediatric rehabilitation center in Attica, the Medical Rehabilitation Program embraces the child as a whole, and addresses their full spectrum medical, therapeutic, social, and emotional needs. Our program promotes social development and emotional well-being by incorporating frequent opportunities for age-appropriate play and leisure activities throughout the child’s stay and rehabilitation process. 

Our rehabilitation programs are directed by a board-certified pediatric rehabilitation medicine specialist, and all medical and therapeutic care is provided by pediatric-specialized practitioners. 

Our staff members follow each child from admission through discharge, so that the child, family, and care team have an opportunity to build rapport. This approach also helps promote optimal communication; contributing to more effective treatment. 

 At Aktios4kids Children’s, we understand the invaluable roles of play and social opportunities in the rehabilitation process. Children have the opportunity to interact with their peers daily in our playrooms, where they can browse the Internet, play video games, or participate in a playgroup under the guidance of our staff. 

 The AKTIOS4kids features the unique Lokomat systems in Attica configures especially for pediatric patients. The Lokomat has shown exceptional results for children who cannot walk, who walk with little strength or coordination. Combining a treadmill with dynamic weight support equipment and an individually adjustable exoskeleton for the legs, the Lokomat system improves patient outcomes through task-specific training, active patient engagement and increased, intensive therapeutic volume. The Lokomat provides sensory feedback so children “feel” as though they are walking over actual terrain. That sensory input is vitally important as the goal of these types of devices is to “retrain” the brain and body together to circumvent neurological and physiological trouble spots within each patient.