January 25, 2023

Presentation Day for the utilization of the thermal springs of Polychnitos, Lesvos, by TKC Koleksion S.A.

A presentation of the project for the utilization of the thermal springs of Polichnitos in Lesvos took place with great success and a large number of attendees on December 6, 2022.

The subject of the presentation, was the utilization of the abandoned facilities of the thermal springs of Polichnitos in a Thermalistic-Thermal Geopark, which will be based on the thermal waters. However, the overall “package” will include a wider range of services to the visitor, which will be associated with the relaxation and stimulation of the human body and which in the last, especially, decade is imposed by the international lifestyle. During the event, it was explained that the new sustainable tourism model will seek to attract tourists from all over the world and how the tourism development of the island will be enhanced.

The event was attended by the Mayor of Western Lesvos Mr. Taxiarchis Verros, members of the Municipal Council, representatives from the Municipality of Eastern Lesvos, representatives of all local authorities and residents from all over the island, filling the Cultural Center of Polichnitos Lesvos.

The presentation was opened by Mr. Theodoros Kouskos, President of TKC S.A. who explained that the promotion of the new touristic product will be based on the thermal springs and will include relevant services to the visitor, which will be associated with health and well-being.

The speakers, each one expert in their field, analyzed the whole project in order to provide full information.


  • Professor Ioannis Tountas, Professor of Preventive Medicine developed the aspects of spa and wellness tourism and the health benefits.
  • The General Secretary of the Association of Greek Spa Municipalities, Mr. Markos Danas, analyzed online entrepreneurship in the spa tourism sector.
  • Mr. Stavros Mavridis of SOUL TAILORS EUROTEL Group highlighted the rise of spa tourism as people’s need for more wellness increases.
  • Mrs. Wilma Baans, Business, Development Consultant – ENSANA HOTELS, explained the philosophy and operation of the Ensana company in the management of hotels that combine spa tourism and health tourism.
  • Mr. Athanasios Koutsouradis, Physiotherapist, President of PHYSIOATHENS explained the importance of the healing properties of the waters of the springs of Polichnitos.
  • Mr. Stratis Iosifellis, Nutritionist – Chef, developed the benefits of combining thermal baths with a healthy diet.
  • Mr. Michael Vrachopoulos, Professor of the Greek Academy of Sciences, referred to the geothermal field of Polichnitos and clarified that it is the hottest in the whole country.
  • Mr. Panagiotis Tatakis, Architect Engineer of TOTAL DESIGN IKE, presented the architectural redesign of the thermal baths.