June 23, 2022

Press release: Greek Health Tourism Council (ELITOUR) and Athens International Airport sign Memorandum of Cooperation to promote health tourism

A Memorandum of Cooperation for the promotion of Health Tourism in Greece was signed between the Greek Health Tourism Council – ELITOUR and Athens International Airport, in order to make the best possible use of the potential of both parties for the promotion of Athens’ comparative advantages in Health Tourism and the development of the sector.

The Memorandum was signed by the President of the Greek Health Tourism Council – ELITOUR and Governor of Region of Attica, Mr. George Patoulis and the CEO of Athens International Airport, Mr. Yiannis Paraschis, in the presence of AIA and Greek Health Tourism Council executives.

The objectives of this strategic cooperation, as stated in the Memorandum of Cooperation, are, on the part of AIA, to contribute to the development of the visitor economy in Athens and create economic activity and jobs through tourism in the city, and, on the part of ELITOUR, to actively contribute to the development of policies and the implementation of actions that will ensure the development of Greek Health Tourism.

The President of the Greek Health Tourism Council – ELITOUR and Governor of Attica, Mr. George Patoulis, described the signing of the MoU as a “golden synergy”, promising to ensure the development of Greek Health Tourism by highlighting Greek excellence, and capability of making Greece a serious competitor in the global map of Health Tourism. Mr. Patoulis stressed that Athens International Airport has dynamically contributed to the important comparative advantage which our country and our city currently possess, that is due to the fact that despite the health crisis, our country and our city remain top popular and well-loved destinations. At that point he thanked the CEO and the executives of Athens International Airport for this.

“Greek Health Tourism could not have found a better springboard for the promotion of Greek Health Tourism than Athens International Airport. Nor indeed, a better timing,” said the President of ELITOUR. He added: “It is no coincidence that compared to last year, in the comparison 2022 to 2021, international traffic more than quadrupled (+436.9%), while compared to the corresponding months of 2019, which was the record year for tourism, international traffic at AIA was only 27.8% below, until the end of May. This year is a moment of rebirth of the entire Health Tourism on a global scale. After two and a half years of the world-wide pandemic that uniquely affected the health of the global public, global Health Tourism, Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism are making a strong comeback, seeking to resurrect health and wellness of travelers in a targeted and decisive manner. On this chessboard, Greece deserves and will play, based on our cooperation, a dominant role.” 

Athens International Airport CEO, Mr. Yiannis Paraschis, stated: “Today we have signed an important agreement to further develop and promote Medical and Wellness Tourism in Athens. Medical services are a critical product, along with the culture attractions of Athens including urban culture elements that particularly attract young visitors, as well as the promotion of Athens’ and Attica’s sea front. Our structured cooperation with all stakeholders and the use of all the tools at our disposal, demonstrates Athens International Airport’s long-standing emphasis on the concept of synergy throughout the entire tourism chain, leading to coordinated efforts to promote our city.”

Based on the Memorandum of Understanding, the development of a plan of actions and activities includes the creation of specific packages and benefits for travelers and the promotion of these packages to foreign airlines, as well as to the circles of the local community through the creation of a Family Card.

It is also planned to provide a welcome desk for medical tourism at the airport premises, to promote the prospects of Greek Health Tourism at sectoral conferences, and  to highlight the Health Tourism options in Greece for international travelers in the Airport’s magazine “ready2board”.


The event for the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding was attended by the Secretary General of the cluster, Petros Mamalakis, and the Members, Konstantinos Kouskoukis, George Soras, Vaki Paka, Christoforos Tzermias, Grigoris Kyriakou, Electra Papazachou, Panteleimon Katsifarakis and Elly Politou.