July 27, 2022

Press release: Greek Health Tourism Council (ELITOUR) and Hellenic Chamber of Hotels sign Memorandum of Cooperation to promote health tourism

A Memorandum of Cooperation for the development and promotion of Health Tourism in Greece, was signed between Hellenic Chamber of Hotel and the Greek Health Tourism Council, ELITOUR, in order to develop synergies of both parties, for the development of country’s health tourism, the creation of packages for Health Tourists, in the new international environment and highlighting Greece’s supremacy in health tourism, thermal and wellness services.

The memorandum was signed by the President of the Greek Health Tourism Council – ELITOUR and Governor of Region of Attica, Mr. George Patoulis and the President of Hellenic Chamber of Hotels Mr. Alexander Vassilikos.

The objectives of this important and strategic cooperation between Greek Health Tourism Council – ELITOUR and Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, as mentioned in the Memorandum of Cooperation are, on the part of Hellenic Chamber of Hotel is the participation of the country’s hotel accommodation in the development of health tourism and in hosting of health travelers, medical and thermal travelers and on the part of ELITOUR, as the major national cluster for Greek Health Tourism, the promotion and the development, of the Greek Health Tourism product, for the benefit of the involved entities and the national economy. In particular, Elitour’s council, aims to support the achievement of the objectives of Memorandum, ensuring on its part, business coordination and cooperation and foreign health agencies, with relevant internal partners and other issues of mutual interest.

The President of the Greek Health Tourism Council ELITOUR and Governor of Attica, Mr. George Patoulis, described the signing of the MoU as crucial importance Memorandum for the expansion of tourism 12 months per year and the prospects for developing and promoting of Greek Health Tourism “While the world Health Tourism, Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism, makes a strong comeback, pursuing to could elevate more targeted and decisively, the health and the well-being of travelers, after two and half years of pandemic” as he said.

The President of ELITOUR and Governor of Region of Attica, stressed that the same conditions on the international market and the worldwide development of Health Tourism, necessarily dictates that any cooperation, such as the one signed with the memorandum ELITOUR – Hellenic Chamber of Hotels : “The Health Tourists and traveling families in order to have health, thermal and wellness services, have a lot of obvious needs, such as efficient transport, accommodation, food service, shopping and tourism activities. But there are also intangible goods, as described and concern the hotel culture industry: includes experience before the arrival and experience of hosting until departure. Therefore a wisely designed Health Tourism destination, must understand the evolving demands of health professionals, to plan services, products and business models to respond”.

The President of Hellenic Chamber of Hotels Mr. Alexander Vassilikos declared: The thematic diversification and the enrichment of our product are a strategic choice for the sustainable future of Greek hospitality. For this reason the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, has prepared since 2011, the study on the development of medical tourism in Greece. In this direction, the emergence of Greece, as a world destination of health and wellness tourism, is highlighted as a first-line priority, for which we deserve to join ideas and forces.

Today we are laying the foundation of target effort and I would like to thank the Regional Governor of Region of Attica and President of ELITOUR Mr. George Patoulis for this great collaboration. We have the people, we have the infrastructure, we have the opportunities and above all the will to achieve our common targets.

Based on the Memorandum of Understanding, the development of a plan of actions and activities includes, among others:

  • The joint creation of specific packages and benefits for travelers.
  • The promotion and highlighting, through joint actions, the wellness services, provided by hotels, members of Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.
  • Possibility of hotels registration, providing wellness services, as members of ELITOUR and the possibility of certifying these hotels, by ELITOUR.
  • Provision of counselling services by ELITOUR, to hotels which already have, or wish to offer, well-being services.
  • The promotion of health and wellness tourism and certified hotels, through the communication channels and the events, of Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.

The event for the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding was attended by the Secretary General of the cluster, Petros Mamalakis, and the Member Vacky Paka.