December 22, 2020

Press Release of the 6th Hellenic Congress of Thermal Medicine 14/10/2020

The 6th Panhellenic Conference of Thermal Medicine was held at the hotel “Galini” in Kamena Vourla on 9-11 October 2020, in accordance to the provisions and protection measures and protocols of EODY, with physical presence as well as live streaming. Globally renowned experts took part and provided complete information on the latest scientific data and developments in Thermal Medicine, with lectures, workshops and round table discussions. The event was organized with the international participation and in collaboration with the European University of Cyprus, under the auspices of the Regions of Attica, Central Greece and OPASTE.

The President of the Hellenic Academy of Thermal Medicine, Professor K. Kouskoukis, analyzed the objectives of the Academy in the current situation of the pandemic and called for acting tirelessly for the promotion and the establishment of the sector through the revival of the spirit of Hippocrates.
He also highlighted Greece as a therapeutic and modern educational center for Thermal Medicine but also Medicine in general. Through the scientific documentation of thermal, mechanical, chemical and especially biological and immunological action of the thermal natural resources, Thermal Madicine has emerged as a complementary healing method in the therapeutic range of classical medicine.



Thermal Medicine assists in healing, rehabilitation and recovery of physical, mental and spiritual health but also acts preventively, tackling the disease of old age while enhancing longevity standards and well-being. In particular, Thermal Medicine has been shown to have a therapeutic effect on diseases of the musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, hematopoietic, gastrointestinal,urological and endocrine systems as well as dermatological, gynecological, allergic and otolaryngological maladies.

During this conference, the current situation in Greece was in the spirit of its promotion as a world Health Resort – Medispa destination for people of 3rd and even 4th age along with chronic sufferers. It was noted that, under the steadfast scientific coverage of experienced and internationally acclaimed Greeks Doctors it can turn the “braindrain” trend into “braingain”. Already, the international interest in seeking upgraded medical service streatment, rehabilitation, anti-aging and wellness in Greece has grown sharply in recent years.

Finally, the Attica Regional Governor, President of ISA, of World Hippocratic Institute of Physicians and ELITOUR G. Patoulis underlined in his speech the importance of reviving the spirit of the Ancient Greek Father of Medicine Hippocrates who first established Thermalism and thermal therapies. Mr. Patoulis also proposed to establish Greece as a Thermal Destination on the world map, emphasizing that the field has been placed in the central politics and philosophy of the Region, in order for Attica to become a Metropolis of health and wellness.