June 22, 2023

Quit smoking with Acupuncture

Smoking is a serious harmful habit that plagues the public health of modern society; it is associated with various forms of diseases and can be fatal for the smoker himself, but also negatively affect the health of passive smokers.

The best way to avoid the negative effects of smoking is to not try it at all, while if you do smoke, stopping smoking is the best way to reduce the risk to his health.

The risk of developing diseases does not disappear immediately, but decreases over time, and the more cigarettes someone has smoked, the greater the risks which require immediate smoking cessation with initial improvement in cough and difficulty breathing.

Dried and processed tobacco leaves that burn with incomplete combustion produce carbon monoxide at a temperature of over 400°C, while nicotine is released into the air at 247°C without burning.

The widespread use of cigarettes and the number of 100 diseases caused as well as 5 million deaths that will reach 10 million in 2030 cause a serious public health problem with a burden on the health system for the 1.14 billion active smokers in the world.

Medical Acupuncture works by correcting the balance of energy flowing through the body through 32 meridians, master and paradox, with single-use needles that are inserted painlessly and without side effects into over 400 bioenergetic points along the meridians, based on personalized therapeutic protocols adapted to the condition and the organism of each patient.

Medical Acupuncture is a complementary therapeutic application of Classical Medicine, approved by WHO and the Ministry of Health. It is applied in pain centers of 23 hospitals, but always with the consent of the attending physician and only by specialized physicians.

Medical Acupuncture suppresses the withdrawal symptoms from the lack of nicotine, but also creates a sense of euphoria and vitality, helping the smoker effectively control his desire to smoke.

With the application of acupuncture, the smoker has a mild and controlled desire to smoke, a gradual aversion to smoke and the taste of cigarettes, and a reduction in withdrawal symptoms.

Preventive measures against smoking include the European plan against cancer with policies to reduce and stop smoking as a harm reduction strategy constituting the third pillar for smoking control combined with its prevention, while in Greece the anti-smoking law and N. 4517/20, which enshrines the right to inform smokers about potential harm.

Konstantinos Kouskoukis

Professor of Dermatology


President Hippocratic Academy of Thermal Medicine

President World Academy of Chinese & Complimentary Medicine