March 18, 2023

Rethymno Medical Asssistance accredited for its Quality in Outpatient and Ambulatory Care

We are pleased to announce the successful accreditation of Rethymno Medical Assistance, by the international accreditation organization, Temos International, according to “Quality in Outpatient and Ambulatory Care”. The polyclinic Rethymno Medical Assistance, for the last 10 years, is following international requirements and is focusing on the patients’ benefits and its high-level scientific services, implementing the specialized quality standards of Temos accreditation program for outpatient care and ambulatory services.

Temos International’s accreditation program provides the framework for the application of quality specifications in healthcare that serve both Greek and foreign patients during the tourist season, ensuring personalized and safe diagnostic and treatment services, fulfilling the requirements of international insurance companies and their liaison companies, as well as parties dealing with health insurances, taking into consideration the related national, community and international legislation.

Healthcare services’ accreditation promotes a quality and safety culture and is also associated with better care outcomes, efficiency and process optimization.