January 17, 2022

Retina surgeries revolutionary eye care at Athinaiki Mediclinic

Eye conditions need timely attention and adequate care. At Athinaiki Mediclinic, we have ophthalmic surgeons who are experienced in treating all eye-related conditions. Combining exceptional knowledge and experience with the latest in ophthalmic technology, at Athinaiki Mediclinic we provide complete eye care. 

Diseases affecting the retina of human eye are generally sight threatening and potentially blinding. Retinal diseases form some of the most difficult medical conditions to manage in the human body.  

Our medical retina team specialise in treating the back of the eye and will oversee any medical intervention needed. We are using breakthrough technologies that can help to improve patient outcomes. 

Athinaiki Mediclinic is a state of the art eye-care clinic focused mainly on providing dedicated services of specialist retina doctors (Vitreo-Retinal surgeons) in the intensely demanding fields of surgical retina and medical retina, with the primary aim to provide quality and affordable care to patients suffering from retinal diseases. 




Anthony Geronikolaou 

Chief Executive Officer 

Athinaiki Mediclinic  

Contact Details: 

24 Dorylaiou St. – Athens (besides the US Embassy) 

Call center: +30 210 6475000 

FAX: +30 210 6475005 

Email: info@athinaiki-mediclinic.gr