November 21, 2022

Seneca Medical Group wins at the Healthcare Business Awards 2022

Seneca Medical Group has been awarded at the Healthcare Business Awards 2022 for achieving a high standard of patient services. Seneca Medical Group won in the category of Business Excellence in Hair Restoration at this year’s ceremony.

Staff were there to collect the award on the clinic’s behalf at the event, which was held for the seventh consecutive year in Greece. The company received the silver category accolade.

Seneca Medical Group, which operates Greece & UK has 35 years of experience in the fields of hair loss diagnosis and treatment. The company was applauded for its excellent business performance, as it continues to invest in its expansion, research and development, as well as the promotion of innovative products against hair loss in the market.

The Healthcare Business Awards reward businesses, institutions, patient associations and organisations in the health sector for best practices, innovative actions, development, investment initiatives, and synergies. Seneca Medical Group is today one of the most innovative clinics for the treatment of hair loss.

Seneca Medical Group offers a range of treatments for customers including hair transplants, eyebrow restoration, beard hair transplants, autologous hair mesotherapy, and products that it believes help to slow down the hair loss process. The group also operates a ‘total care’ service – patients have their medical history checked to determine whether a hair transplant may be suitable for them, and receive an in-depth diagnosis after the examination of their scalp with modern tools and equipment.

The clinic promises a personalised treatment plan for patients, as well as an after-care plan. This includes detailed post-op instructions and up to 14 months of follow-up appointments to help individuals achieve optimum results after their surgery.

Seneca Medical Group offers the direct follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplantation method. This variation of the traditional FUE method involves using punches as small as 1mm and an implanter pen to allow doctors to precisely move individual hairs from the donor to the recipient area on the patient’s scalp.

The process aims to allow doctors to have maximum control of the depth, direction and angle of each hair follicle. The method also aims to leave minimum scarring and achieve a natural-looking hairline.