November 23, 2021

Smart specialization strategy – RIS3 Medical Tourism in Greece

Innovation clusters in knowledge-intensive export-oriented -technology sectors 

Smart specialization involves and brings together companies, research centers and universities to identify the most promising areas of specialization of a Member State or region, but also to identify weaknesses that hinder innovation 

Competitive advantage: marriage of R&I potential with business needs and opportunities and development of links between sectors, adoption of technologies aimed at differentiation. 

Choices: selection of priorities on the basis of specialization and integration into international quality chains. 

Critical mass of resources: cooperation between regions avoiding double coverage and segmentation. 

Collaborative Leadership: involvement of stakeholders from academia, public administration and civil society for efficient innovation systems and synergies with EU funding. 

Formulation of a strategy of “smart specialization” (central administration, regions, inter-municipal hot springs and thermal baths). Encouraging regional innovation 

Interaction between levels of management and developing sectors and services 

Extroverted perspective 

Targeting the critical mass 

Demand increase 

Strengthening partnerships 

Simplification of procedures  

Existing quality chains 

 Integration of innovative entrepreneurs in the local economy Companies and Universities technological institutes Venture Capitalists, regional development services ..) 

 Potential for economic diversification 

Guarantee long-term involvement of stakeholders. 

It is important for the specialization to become a branded repositioning (rebranding) in the global, intensely dynamic and changing environment. 

Communication at every stage of management 


To ensure the approval of RIS3 by all interested parties (state bodies, local authorities, clinical tourism companies, etc.) 

to add new members and inform the general public 

What really counts is: 

the specialized differentiation in emerging economic activities such as medical tourism or health tourism. A hub (axis) in the quality chain (value chain) cluster of government agencies, Ministry of Tourism, EOT, Elite, HATTA, hospitals, clinics and tourism companies. 

Medical Tourism Social Enterprise 

Medical Facilitators