February 27, 2021

Successful Informative Webinar by Enterprise Greece

On Monday, February 15, an informative Webinar was successfully organized by Enterprise Greece, in the presence of the President of the body and Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Giannis Smyrlis and the Managing Director Mr. George Filiopoulos. The Webinar was focused on all the developmental opportunities in order to make Health Tourism the first pillar of recovery of Greek tourism in the post-covid era. Special mention was made of the benefits that arise not only for the stakeholders and entrepreneurs in the industry, but also for the country in general, as the boom in health tourism is going to provide new impetus, significantly enhancing the growth prospects of the Greek economy after the pandemic.


The Elitour members who attended the Webinar had the opportunity to be informed about all the developments in the field of Health Tourism, as well as to adress their questions to the executives of Enterpise Greece, regarding the future prospects that will arise from the industry. The leaders of Enterprise Greece were pleased to answer all the questions of the members of the Cluster, noting that Enterprise Greece and Elitour will make the most of the comparative advantages of the country and the industry, both in terms of tourism and health, so that an immediate positive impact on the economy can be possible.

This Webinar gave the impetus to achieve an important goal: To make Greece at the top of the world map of destinations in health tourism.

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