April 28, 2021

Temos International’s CEO Appointed to Executive Committee of Newly Formed European Fertility Society

We are pleased to announce that Temos CEO, Dr. Claudia Mika, has been appointed as the Chair of the Certification Committee and as a member of the Executive Board of the European Fertility Society (EFS).

The Society’s mission has a two-fold focus: patients and clinics. EFS is dedicating to educating, supporting, and helping fertility patients to make their fertility journey safe and patient-centered. It supports fertility and reproductive care clinics and providers through teaching and training services in best practices, setting guidance and recommendations, certification of their processes, improving the patient experience, and promoting physical and emotional wellbeing at all stages of the fertility treatment journey.

According to Dr. Mika, “The European Fertility Society will contribute to the overall improvement of the patient experience for IVF patients. The Certification Committee will support the Society’s Customer Care Guideline Development Group in the development of an evidence-based guideline aiming to assure the best possible customer care and experience for patients and relatives before, during, and after receiving treatment. With those standards, the clinic staff can optimize the quality of care to make one of the most important journeys in patients’ life more friendly until the happy result – pregnancy and a safe delivery”.

EFS is founded and led by its Chairman, Jakub Dejewski, who has worked extensively in IVF services for more than ten years and who is currently CEO of IVF Media. Mr. Dejewski states, “Temos and IVF Media have had a successful relationship providing educational programs about reproductive care to help individuals considering fertility treatments to make good choices based on scientific considerations. Having Dr. Mika as part of the EFS team assures that quality and patient-centered care will continue to be at the forefront of our activities”.

For more information about becoming a member of EFS and to learn about its activities, please visit its website and its Linkedin page.