April 1, 2024

The development of medical tourism in the field of IVF is the focus of the meeting of the IVF Cluster at the Athens Medical Association offices

G.Patoulis : IVF is the spearhead for Health Tourism in our country.

In a constructive atmosphere, the meeting of the President of the Athens Medical Association and Elitour, Mr. Giorgos Patoulis and the President of the Hellenic Society of Assisted Reproduction Doctors, Mr. Themis Mantzavinos, with a number of gynecologists, specialists from the field of assisted reproduction, took place at the offices of the Athens Medical Association, on the topic of Medical Tourism and Reproductive Medicine – Present and Future.

Mr Patoulis, after personally thanking one by one the doctors who participated in the meeting, which follows the first one held at the Great Britain Hotel, stressed that the Greek Health Tourism Council – ELITOUR, has designated 2023-2024 as the Year of IVF for Greece, with the aim of highlighting Greece as a leading destination for IVF worldwide.

During his presentation, the President of the AMA and Elitour, Mr Patoulis, highlighted the importance of this cooperative organization created to unite under one roof all gynecologists, specialists in the field of medically assisted reproduction, in order to make IVF the spearhead of Health Tourism in our country. In particular, he said that with the cooperation of political, institutional and regional forces, we aspire for this initiative to receive maximum support as a national effort, with wide reach and visibility worldwide, highlighting more investment opportunities for the sustainable development of the health tourism sector and the economy of our country in general. 

From his part, the President of the Hellenic Society of Assisted Reproduction Doctors – EL.E.I.Y.A. Mr. Themis Mantzavinos, after congratulating Mr. Patoulis for this important initiative, stressed that with this synergy, the IVF Cluster will have a voice and a home, where all gynecologists – obstetricians will be represented in order to attract the international audience and reach the global markets.

The interaction of the participating doctors was also enthusiastic, with Mr Patoulis and Mr Mantzavinos answering the questions raised, while at the same time setting the strategy for the next steps of the organization.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Konstantinos Pantos, Vice President A of Elitour and Mrs. Penny Abatzi, while many other gynecologists – obstetricians such as Mr. Vasilis Athanasiou, Mr. Konstantinos Dimitroulis, Mr. George Ioannidis, Mr. Nikos Kanakas, Mr. Ioannis Zervoamanolakis, Mr. Mr. George and Mr. Tryfon Lainas, Mr. Leonidas Mamas, Mr. George Lambos, Mr. Athanasios Sotirchos, Mr. Alexandros Tzeferakos, Mr. Eugenios Koumantakis, the Clinical Embryologist Mr. Michael Pelekanos, the Reproductive Biologist Mrs. Lina Eugeni, Mrs. Vanessa Delichristou, Director General of the network of Clinics and the Secretary General of the Global Doctors’ Hippocratic Institute Mr. Anthonios Polydorou.