February 1, 2021

The first certification project and verification of the clinical results of Assisted Reproductive Care, by Temos Hellas

Temos Hellas, in cooperation with the independent body “EuroMediterranean Institute for Quality and Safety in Healthcare”, certified the clinical effectiveness KPIs of the IVF unit of IASO, Institute of Life.

By this project, Temos launches for the first time ever in the healthcare sector, an evidence-based, standardized methodology to evaluate accuracy, transparency and quality of clinical Key Performance Indicators. A special standard has been developed, consisting of compliance criteria in order to ensure qualitative and objective statistical reporting, integrating international specifications for data verification (in accordance with the European Statistics Code of Practice and European Commission Regulation 2017/0048 (COD)).

According to Ms Angeliki Katsapi, Director of Temos Hellas, statement: “The verification of IVF clinical results focuses on the origin of data and the way they are used in publishing statistical reports and, furthermore, refers to the evaluation of accuracy, transparency, consistency and comparability of the issued success rates. I believe that this innovative certification of clinical results should serve as the starting point for the benchmarking of the sector so that every woman, every couple, is able to obtain objective information of the services being offered by the healthcare providers. Objective evidence of clinical success rates further enhances the already high positioning of Greece among the best IVF hubs in the medical tourism industry, worldwide.”