February 23, 2022

The Virtual World of Metaverse

Today we do not live only in the material world, but also in the realm of Cloud and Google Earth with non-objects, the touch of the smartphone with our finger has replaced the actual contact and real relationships. Nowadays, people interact with each other online on sites such as social media platforms or messaging applications.

The digital world, an emerging universe of experiences, where the digital and imaginary worlds converge, with the help of technology, becomes more and more hybridized, until these two worlds become confused and our existence becomes even more insecure and vulnerable as we chase information, without gaining perception, saving big data, without gaining memories. 

This phenomenon creates an abundance of information and data, and we obsessively share with others information about our personal life, while information must be coherent and processable by the human senses.

Smartphones are today a digital workspace that creates a wide range of virtual experiences that were particularly prevalent during the pandemic, such as online meetings and events, while raising concerns about possible moral and social complications. In the online world of the metaverse, a whole digital 3D world, people will wear virtual reality audiovisual devices and not just see the content but be in an online space where they will go to shows, travel and will be able to meet virtually people, each from his home, wearing special headset devices.

An important dimension of the whole issue is security, taking into account that Internet has affected us all. However, new problems will arise with even more misinformation, as a wonderful, but also awe-inspiring world opens before us with the post-universe, which will affect political developments, harassment, but also create opportunities for online organization of terrorist groups.

Self-exploitation, as overworking, is more effective than exploitation by others as it is accompanied by a sense of freedom, but the perpetrator and the victim are the same person, resulting in tired, failed and depressed people, as the absolute dominance of video games brings digital detox therefore digital detox is required.

Konstantinos Kouskoukis

Professor of Dermatology


B’ Vice President GDHI

President Hellenic Academy of Thermal Medicine

President World Academy of Chinese & Complimentary Medicine