April 21, 2022

TomoTherapy: Versatile, efficient, and effective radiotherapy

The TomoTherapy® System is a revolutionary radiotherapy system, which redefines the standard for individualized and precise treatment of tumors anywhere in the body — while creating a new paradigm for patient comfort and quality of life. A complete IGRT/IMRT solution, TomoTherapy combines integrated CT imaging for exceptional treatment accuracy with a first-of-its-kind helical treatment delivery platform that uses patented beam-shaping technology to precisely target tumors while minimizing impact on surrounding healthy tissue. 

TomoTherapy delivers highly conformal, homogeneous and with increased spatial dose gradient therapeutic dose distributions to the treated lesion(s) in a very short period of time (~5 minutes) through a patient-friendly treatment process.  

It looks like a spacious CT scanner, while its reliability and ease of handling allows it to simplify even the most complex cases. It acquires daily volumetric  images of the treated anatomy to accurately   align the patient at treatment position and adapts (if required) the treatment plan to account for tumor shrinkage or other anatomical changes during the treatment course.  

Automatic analysis of the daily volumetric images by the PreciseART® software of the system enables monitoring of treatment delivery on a fraction-by-fraction basis and allows the clinicians to set protocol-specific action levels to flag cases for review and possible plan adaptation.  Furthermore, the software enables streamline re-planning capabilities allowing clinicians to efficiently generate new treatment plans based on previous plan data, while maintaining the integrity of original treatment plans to ensure tumor coverage, preserve organs at risk and reduction of toxicity. 

When treating recurrent disease, the ability to precisely irradiate the target while carefully avoiding healthy normal tissues is essential. The PreciseRTX® re-treatment software enables the introduction of previous radiotherapy treatments into the new simulation CT in order to be considered during new treatment planning calculations. The software helps clinicians to accelerate and enhance the process of creating new treatment plans for patients who have received previous irradiation. 

Main advantages of TomoTherapy 

  • Increased sparing of healthy tissues adjacent to the treated lesion(s) and minimal treatment toxicity  
  • Efficient treatment of elongated targets (e.g., craniospinal irradiation) in a single patient setup process.  
  • No restrictions on the number, size and shape of treated lesions.  
  • Accurate treatment delivery through daily volumetric imaging of treated anatomy  
  • Online monitoring of treatment delivery on a fraction-by-fraction basis allowing for treatment plan adaptation based on protocol specific action levels.