September 20, 2021

World Patient Safety Day 2021 and significance of Temos Accreditation programs

This year, on the 17th September World Patient Safety Day, WHO calls attention to the Maternity and Infant Safety. The numbers of complications and deaths after birth, reveal that potential risks are increased to women and newborns and can only be prevented when appropriate safe care measures are taken before, during pregnancy and after childbirth. 

An Accreditation Program for Healthcare services is developed as a framework to implement and evaluate conformance against international standards for quality and safety in the overall provision of services. 

Temos International Healthcare Accreditation programs consist of evidence based criteria that ensure a robust and well controlled operational framework in healthcare that has the ability to effectively prevent harm and proactively enhance effectiveness in the diagnostic and therapeutic dimensions of care. 

Nursing and Midwifery services are a core part of Temos standards where competence of healthcare professionals has to be ensured. Individual risk assessment processes, risk control scales and reporting systems for adverse or critical events as well as continuous evaluation of services’ outcomes through KPIs are some of the requirements which serve safety and quality at different dimensions. Emergency preparedness and intensive care units’ standards are included to cover the overall range of services in maternity and pediatric hospitals. 

The Reproductive Care Accreditation Program of Temos is a specialized set of standards for IVF providers which also serves safety by highly specialized requirements. Through the application of advanced procedures for the fertilization labs and cryopreservation units and, also, for the clinical services provided to the couples in order to bring to life a healthy child make the program a state- of art basis for the delivery of such services. Traceability and quality control criteria, ethical and legal requirements, perioperative safety measures for the diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for the woman, are crucial elements of the Temos standards in the frame of the specific program for the accomplishment of safe IVF methods for healthy mothers and healthy children. 

We are ALL together in this battle! Zero Harm is the target! Best Wishes for Patient Safety Day 2021!