December 10, 2021

You have been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease

What is happening now 

  1. Create a support team. 

Establish a relationship with our doctor and care team. The dedicated and highly trained clinical care team works closely with a wide range of specialists to address your needs.Connect with people like you on social media. This behavior can help some of you make lasting connections as you learn to understand and manage all aspects of your kidney care.Involve your loved ones: Help them understand what you are going through by talking to them about diagnosing your kidney disease. 

  1. Know your situation. 

Your care team will make sure you know about the stages of kidney disease, the medications you should take, the type of diet you should follow, etc. It will help you if you wish to manage your kidney disease with interactive tools. Online tools range from easy-to-use meal planning tools to setting up your daily routine to computers that measure your kidney function. 

  1.  Keep doing what you love. 

Learn more about what dialysis means, how you can combine it with your work and what this change means for your lifestyle in general. 

Ioannis Griveas, MD, PhD