Our Mission

Welcome to Elitour!

The Greek Health Tourism Council (ELITOUR) was established in 2013 and its primary goal is to promote Greece as a dynamic destination for Health and Wellness Tourism worldwide by emphasizing the sectors in which the country has comparative advantages such as its well-educated medical and scientific human resources, state-of-the-art facilities, know-how, innovation, entrepreneurship, culture, civilization, history and environment.

At Elitour, we’re not just about health tourism; we’re sculpting an experience that seamlessly blends world-class medical services with the excitement of exploration. Let’s delve into who we are and what sets us apart:

Our Mission: Redefining Health Tourism on a Global Scale

Elitour takes pride in leading the charge to transform Greece into a premier health tourism destination. Our mission transcends boundaries, seeking to redefine the connection between top-notch medical care and thrilling travel experiences.

Unified Strength in Health Tourism: The Heart of Elitour

Our strength lies in unity. Elitour forms a network of passionate individuals and organizations collectively working to position Greece as the ultimate hub for health tourism. We’re united in our commitment to excellence.

Global Impact Through Strategic Coordination

Coordination is our key to success. Elitour orchestrates the synchronized efforts of participants with a clear goal: to promote health tourism in Greece and influence institutional policies. We actively engage with ministries and contribute to the national strategy, ensuring a strong voice for health tourism.

International Allure: Attracting Health Enthusiasts to Greece

Elitour expands its reach globally. Through strategic initiatives, we draw health enthusiasts to Greece, showcasing not only our exceptional medical services but also the enchanting beauty of our country. It’s more than just treatment; it’s about embarking on an unforgettable journey.

Knowledge Transfer and Expertise Enhancement

Beyond promotion, Elitour is dedicated to raising standards. We facilitate the transfer of international know-how, ensuring participants are equipped with certifications and methodologies recognized globally. This forms the bedrock for promoting health tourism in Greece at its pinnacle.

Building Networks, Overcoming Challenges

Elitour isn’t just an organization; it’s a community. We foster connections within our network and with global counterparts. Our committees address common challenges, conduct studies, and gather data to continually enhance our understanding of health tourism in Greece.

Education Advocacy for Health Tourism Excellence

Education is empowerment. Elitour actively contributes to the development of health tourism by supporting the education and training of staff. Our programs adhere to relevant legislation, ensuring the continuous improvement of services in the health tourism sector.

Certification Standards and Quality Assurance

Elitour plays a crucial role in certifying systems and services within the health tourism branches. Our commitment to upholding current legislative standards ensures a benchmark of quality in the industry.

Strategic Funding for Future Innovations

Elitour is on the lookout for opportunities. We actively seek and utilize European funds to support projects that propel the promotion, research, and development of innovative health tourism methodologies in Greece.