Our Mission

The main purpose of Elitour is the participation and support of the Hellenic Cooperative Formation (Cluster) with the object of developing Health Tourism in Greece and the international promotion of the combination of providing in Greece high quality medical services and wellness services with high quality Tourist Services. Our main goals are:

Elitour is responsible for promoting Greece abroad as a top health tourism destination. The domains are:

  • The contact, interaction and coordinated actions of the participants with the aim of promoting Health Tourism in Greece.
  • The coordination of the participants for the acquisition of a common line and positions in relation to institutional issues and representation to the state for the promotion of regulations but also a contribution to the National Strategy of the competent Ministers of Tourism and Health in relation to Health Tourism.
  • The development of mutual actions abroad to attract a stream of Health Tourism in Greece.
  • The transfer of know-how and training for certifications and methodologies required internationally for the recognition of programs and units that will promote Health Tourism in Greece.
  • The development of a network of cooperation and communication between its members, as well as with corresponding associations abroad.
  • The establishment of committees that will take over the resolution of issues of common interest of the members, the study of departments of common interest, the preparation of reports, the collection of statistical data and in general the documentation of various tourist and economic data concerning Health Tourism in Greece.
  • The contribution to the education and training of the staff of the partners that participate in the development of the activity of Health Tourism.
  • The organization and the provision of education and training programs, in accordance with the relevant legislation in force, for the upgrade of the services of the Health Tourism sectors.
  • The Certification of systems and services of the branches of Health Tourism according to the current legislation.
  • The search and utilization of European fundings related to the promotion, research, organization, development of Health Tourism methodologies.