Greek experienced Neurosurgeons deal with major neurosurgical operations.

Private hospitals in Greece provide personalized and complete treatment combined with pleasant environment and high-quality hotel infrastructure standards.

Fully-equipped Neurosurgical Clinics in Greece are able to effectively treat the whole range of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. Neurosurgical procedures are carried out in Operating Theatres which are equipped with modern medical equipment on the cutting-edge of technology, modern or navigation guided techniques, providing services of diagnosis and treatment of conservative or invasive conditions:

  • Neurosurgergical Emergencies (Injuries and fractures)
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Neuro Oncology (Brain – Spinal Tumors)
  • Brain Vessel Diseases
  • Spine Conditions
  • Chronic Pain
  • Functional Disorders

Neurosurgery Clinics collaborate with ICUs for immediate support to neurosurgery patients, either on emergency basis or for patients who need gradual awakening after long surgeries. The specialized medical and nursing staff consists of anesthesiologists and intensive care specialists, well trained in the management of neurosurgical patients.