New State-of-the-Art Laser Hair Removal System

A new state-of-the-art laser hair removal system that combines hair removal with the treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions has been recently installed at HYGEIA Hospital.

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Breast Radiotherapy Method that Protects the Heart & Lungs | For the first time in Greece

An innovative breast radiotherapy method that spares the heart and lungs has been introduced at HYGEIA Hospital. The method is performed by the Radiotherapy & Oncology Center using the Active Breathing CoordinatorTM (ABC) system by Elekta. The system allows to deliver radiation during a specific breathing phase, protecting the heart and lungs.

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Radical Super Glue Treatment for Varicose Veins performed for the first time in Greece

Super Glue treatment with VenaSeal, the latest minimally invasive and pain free treatment for varicose veins, is being performed for the first time in Greece at Hygeia Hospital. VenaSeal is the first and only system that uses intravascular glue (cyanoacrylate) to seal and obliterate the vessels that cause varicose veins. VenaSeal requires local anesthesia at a single site and can treat the entire length of any vein (greater saphenous, lesser saphenous or any of their branches).

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Novel Surgical approach for complex penile urethra stenoses.

Combined dorsal and buccal mucosa grafts urethroplasty

Mr. Mertziotis M.D., Ph.D. (Doctorate awarded by the University of Athens), Head of the Department of Reconstructive Urology and Surgical Andrology at IASO General Hospital of Athens, Greece and his team were awarded the second prize for their video presentation, in the recent 23rd Greek Urological Association Congress held in Rhodes, Greece, 20-23/10/2016, regarding a new urethroplasty technique in the treatment of complex penile urethra stenoses, using combined dorsal and buccal mucosa grafts.

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IASO Children’s Hospital and Athens Heart Surgery Institute, Pediatric and Cardiac Surgery: Successful FREE OF CHARGE cardiothoracic surgery in a 13-month-old infant with severe cyanotic congenital heart disease of Double outlet right ventricle

George E. Sarris, MD, PhD,
Chief, Department of Pediatric Heart Surgery at Iaso Children’s Hospital

IASO Children’s Hospital and the Pediatric and Cardiac Surgery at IASO Children’s Hospital show their social awareness once more and stand by all those children in need of medical assistance by providing top quality healthcare services. At IASO Children’s Hospital, we “listen” to the heart of each and every child, and driven by our strong sense of responsibility and social contribution, we immediately respond to all needy hearts.

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