Destination Greece

Why Greece as Medical Tourism

Ιn the land that gave birth to modern medicine, the homeland of the man that wrote the Hippocratic Oath, medical services meet modern expertise and Greek hospitality, creating a unique mixture that welcomes you and wishes you “Good Health.” (a traditional Greek greeting)

Greece possesses a plethora of qualities and inherent advantages, which serve Health Tourism and render Greece a top destination for international health tourists:

  • High quality in private healthcare services and facilities’ infrastructure and value for money medical care
  • Medical staff with an international recognition regarding skills and also one of the highest European rates in doctors per capita
  • Easy access through numerous airports and sea ports, which also facilitates the creation of ‘health tourism bundles’ combining the medical and the tourism aspect of the visit
  • Already acknowledged as a top international tourist destination (mild climate, cultural heritage, scenery variety, Mediterranean diet, etc.)
  • High-end touristic facilities and international hospitality experience in one of the most popular destinations in the world
  • A Mediterranean Paradise with more than 350 sunny days annually and original Mediterranean cuisine
  • Easy access from around the world by plane, ship or train
  • Strong heritage from the ancient times and unique touristic attractions with golden beaches, sunsets and Greek orthodox churches
  • World-class facilities and advanced technology in line with the European quality and safety standards
  • Culture and entertainment for every taste with hundreds of ancient and modern theatres, multiplex cinemas, operas, concert halls, discos and local folk music stages
  • Infrastructure availability for various types of health tourism - Surgical/Rehabilitation/Hemodialysis/Diagnostics/Dentistry/IVF-Maternity
  • Excellent medical services by highly skilled doctors with studies in the best Greek, European or American Universities

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