April 21, 2023

Future Touristic Experiences

The pandemic has forced issues of health, safety and sustainability and a shift to alternative tourism and authentic experience, as an ever-increasing number of travelers choose sustainable tourism, in heavenly places. The increased sensitivity to the environmental crisis for activities and accommodations with a reduced to zero environmental footprint brings about a rethinking of how to address the biggest challenges that travel and tourism have, in a modern and future digital world.

New categories of travelers with increasing dynamics such as solo travelers and digital nomads, with personalized trips are looking for paradises of sustainability, as they do not hesitate to travel alone, transcending customs and traditions. The pandemic has changed the way of working as many employees have the possibility to work outside the office, online combined with moments of relaxation and lengthening the stay in accommodation and hotels.

Gen Z travelers, children of the digital age, are playing a decisive role in the reshaping of the tourism industry, because they are completely familiar with technology, using the internet, while they have a particular preference for the audiovisual material of social media with an emphasis on Instagram and Tik Tok. The evolution of mobile phones created e-commerce, while with mathematical and predictive models, optimization according to customer characteristics and interests through machine learning algorithms emerges as a major priority.

Airlines are testing virtual reality (VR) as part of their in-flight entertainment offerings for meals, announcements and sounds that mimic a real flight, while passengers can experience a 360-degree virtual city tour upon arrival in the destination city. Virtual tours enable travelers to explore locations before their trip with virtual tours as 360° room views, giving them a taste of their potential accommodation. The world is ready to experience other cultures, as half of international travelers want to experience a complete culture shock in 2023, where they will seek unique and delightful holidays that shock and surprise, to experience travel outside their comfort zone, which they push them to the limits, for specialized experiences and travel escapades even to the extremes (dark tourism). Also, half are looking for the most exotic taste of the world, while 38% want UFO exploration or alien spotting tours, with three in ten wanting a one-way ticket to follow their instincts.

The islands, according to the WHO, are a top destination for millions of tourists because their geographical location and the richness of their natural and cultural heritage make them unique for visitors. Greece as

Polynesian country with a coastline of more than 15 thousand kilometers, with its cultural heritage and history combined with the unique bioclimate and the Greek Hippocratic diet is establishing itself as a leading tourist destination worldwide.

Konstantinos Kouskoukis

Professor of Dermatology


President Hippocratic Academy of Thermal Medicine

President World Academy of Chinese & Complimentary Medicine